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Songwriter Deathmatch at Freddy’s Sat. November 16, 7PM. With Lianne Smith, Pete Cenedella and Miwa Gemini. Freddy’s Bar, 627 5th Avenue, Brooklyn.

Songwriter Deathmatch at Freddy’s Sat. December 14, 7PM. With Cliff Westfall, Jade Zabric and Sophie Buskin.Freddy’s Bar, 627 5th Avenue, Brooklyn.

Songwriter Deathmatch Radio Sun. Dec. 15, Noon to 2PM. With Dave & Karen and special guest Staten Island’s own Phoebe Blue. On makerparkradio.nyc, the makerparkradio app, the TuneInn app or tell Alexa to play makerparkradio.



Listening to music is so very civilized. Don't you agree? I've included links to my albums on Bandcamp below, but they're also on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.



Released 2016, 8 tracks.



Released 2013, 12 tracks.



Released 2011, 11 tracks.


The Dave Keener Fake Book is a series of music video covers of songs I love.


Photo by Vera Maura

Photo by Vera Maura


I started writing songs when I was 14. I borrowed a guitar from my aunt, found an elderly big band guitarist to teach me, and studied the song structures of the British Invasion and Doo-Wop. The Beatles got me playing and singing, but early influences ranged from Elvis Costello to Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

I've recorded three solo albums in the past few years: The Easy Way, Slugger and Like An Animal, all at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge. Instead of playing full length shows by myself, I thought it would be more fun and draw a larger audience if I shared the stage with other musicians. So, in 2012, I started Songwriter Deathmatch at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom. Turns out I was right. This year, Songwriter Deathmatch also became an Internet radio show on Staten Island’s Maker Park Radio.

I’ve pursued the singer-songwriter thing, been half of a musical comedy duo with my brother, studied traditional Irish music, and finally come back to singing and songwriting again. I live in Brooklyn with my wife Jo and our dogs, Guinness and Schmidty. If you come out to the show or listen to our radio show, please say hi.